Live Bright. Live Yoga.

Yoga as attitude for life

Thinking of Yoga, many get the picture of well trained athletes in circus like poses in their mind. Others think of skinny Yogis who got lost somewhere in Goa. 

This might be true for some, but Yoga is so much more. It is a lifestyle and a way of life. It can be well integrated to your normal daily routine as it is a way of how you perceive your environment and how you decide to act upon it. The physical excersices (Asanas) are only a small part of a yogic life. Meditation, nutrition, philosophy, your attitude towards yourself and others, and so forth complement the asanas. 

Yoga teaches you to shine from within and to broadcast your light upon your surrounding. Live bright. Live Yoga. 

I love what I'm doing. And I live this pation every day.