Linda Keller

Since childhood has Linda always been in touch with her sensitivity and the connection to the spiritual world. She has used this connection to enable others a happy and abundant life. She is focused on the holistic human with all his aspects. To be truly happy she believes that the mind, body and soul have to be in balance.

But although Linda has always felt connected, she has never lost ground. Quantum healing, psychic work and mediumship, nutrition and sport belong to her life as much as the work in the financial industry. Through this she is well grounded, stands with both feet in the economic life and may like this combine very well the two worlds.


At the time Linda lives in Switzerland. She used to live many years abroad and was able to learn through this a good perception of other cultures. Her highlights in recent years were certainly the integration of a yogic world view into her life, as well as the training in Quatum healing (Matrix-Inform) in Switzerland, and the training in energetic healing at the Sunshine Coast in Australia, the Yoga teacher training and the micro-credit research in Laos



  • 2019: Infinit Circularities (100h), Embodiment of Flow, Thai Yoga Massage (Healing Touch) & Yin Yoga, Yoga Barn (IDN)
  • 2019: Yin Yoga (55h), H2O Yoga (IDN)
  • 2019: Advance Yoga Teacher (300h), Airyoga Zurich (CH)
  • 2017: Yogalehrerin nach Yoga Alliance ®
  • 2016: Sensitive & Mediale Ausbildung Kaleidoskop, Zürich (CH)
  • 2013: Diplome in Quantenheilung nach Matrix-Inform (Level 1-4 & diverse Specials), Thalwil (CH)
  • 2012: Master of Arts in South East Asian Studies, Universität Passau (D)
  • 2007: Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management, Trinational (CH/F/D)
  • 2006: Diplom in Channeling, Energieheilung und Meditation, Emerald Divina, Sunshine Coast (AUS)
  • 2006: Diplom in Heilung durch verschiedene Frequenzen, Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System, Brisbane (AUS)
Further trainings in sensitivity, mediumship, energetic & spiritual healing, trance, meditation etc.:
(Sort alphabetically by first name)
  • Alex Loyd (USA)
  • Andy Schwab (CH)
  • Bradley Nelson (USA)
  • Emerald Devina (AUS)
  • Hans Stolp (NL)
  • Harmen Wegemaker (NL)
  • Joe Dispenza (USA)
  • Louise Hay (USA)
  • Lumira (RUS)
  • Nancy Alessandra Tesolin (CH)
  • Pascal Voggenhuber (CH)
  • Patric Pedrazzoli (CH)
  • Roswita Stark (D)
  • Sandra Imlig (CH)   
  • Suzanne Taylor (AUS)

Further trainings in Yoga:

  • Carlos Romero (VEN/IDN)
  • Claire Green (UK/IDN)
  • Michael Hamilton (CH)
  • Stephen Thomas (CA/CH) 
Further trainings in nutrition:
  • Don Tolman (USA) - holistic nutrition
  • Galina Sergejewna Schatalowa (RUS) - Species-appropriate nutrition
  • Dr. Douglas Graham (USA) - 80/10/10
  • Urs Hochstrasser (CH) - raw food
  • Rafael Järmann (CH) - raw food