I forgot my mat. Do you have a mat I can borrow?

You are welcome to bring your own mat, but you won't don’t need a mat! We provide a mat, free, for you to use at the studio, just make sure to wipe it down when you’re done. We also have all the other yoga props, that you may need. Just bring a towel if needed.


What do I wear?

You can wear anything you'd normally wear to a gym. Leggings, shorts or any comfortable pants with a t-shirt is just fine. We practice barefoot so no special footwear is necessary (no shoes in the studio please)

I have never done yoga before. What class is the right one for me?

Hatha Yoga is suitable as a beginner class. Just let the teacher know that you are new to yoga. Some of our classes are market Intermediate on the schedule, you will need to get a few classes under your belt, before you should try these classes. 

Oh no! I am late for Class... now what?

We encourage you to be approximately 10 minutes early so that you have time to settle down and get installed. However, we totally understand that things happen... you get stuck in traffic, you have missed your tram or train or you can't get away from your boss... you get the picture. Just come in quietly, take a seat and join the class. However, if you happen to be more than 5 minutes late, you will not be allowed to enter the class.

Where can I park?

Like in all larger cities world wide, parking is an issue. There are some parking slots available in the neighborhood, but you might have to browse a bit to find an available slot. Please consider enough time for that.

We hope as yogis you are thinking of the environment and taking advantage of the public transport system, a bicycle or your feet whenever possible. 

What is a pass card and how many Classes do I have left on it?

When you purchase multiple classes you will get a pass card. Please bring it with you when you come to practice. Also, be sure to note the expiration date of your pass card. We will then tick a box off each time you have visited a class.


What is your policy on mobile phones in the studio?

Mobile phones are not allowed in the yoga room. Please completely switch them off. 

Can I bring my children with me to the yoga class?


Please keep in mind that many people come to a Yoga class to have some peace from their day to day lives and what is "normal" to you, may be distracting to other practitioners. Currently our classes are structured for adults and adult bodies, unless the class is specifically "Kid's Yoga" or "Mom and Baby Yoga". 

Our minimum age to practice in the studio is 14 years of age and with parental consent. We do not have facilities to mind children while parents take Yoga classes. Sorry, but this also applies to pets.